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Anger. Frustration. Resentment. These are just some of the negative emotions that can mute the force of love. In many relationships, especially those that have been rocked by an affair, one partner may feel that “love is dead.” But it’s not. Love has has just been “covered up.”

The good news is that it can be uncovered and rebuilt to be better than ever. IF you have the will. And if you’re willing to do the work. Which will most certainly mean changing your attitudes and behaviour, as well as your spouses. Yes, it does take ”two to tango” – as you well know.

The “dance” of rebuilding your love must begin with communication. And to truly share clear communication, you and your partner must start by defining terms. How, exactly do each of you define Love? Honesty? Trust? Commitment?  Getting on the same page here will ensure you generate progress, and not static!

Along with clear communication must come an obsessive, fanatical devotion to prevail through the difficult and often depressing moments you will definitely have. Unless you keep your eyes firmly fixed on the prize – you’ll never win the prize.

That prize –LO-V-E, also requires 100% transparency. Sharing everything. Good, bad, and in between in a guilt free atmosphere. This is honesty in it’s purest form. As you can imagine, transparency is a very liberating experience for both partners. The act of being 100% open will allow you to eliminate the negative pain causing behaviours, and replace them with positive love building ones. This will surely lead you to AFFAIR SURVIVAL SUCCESS.

Following the steps I’ve outlined, even if you are the only interested partner now, will put you solidly on the road to rebuilding the love.


affair survival resources

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