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One of, if not the most difficult obstacles you will face struggling to survive your affair is letting go of the anger.

It’s only natural after all you’ve been through. The betrayal, pain, devastation, frustration and resentment. It’s understandable you want to cling to it as protective “emotional armour.”

But, in fact, this armour is destructive. Not protective. It’s destryoing your objectivity. Affecting your logic. Destabilizing your ability to reason.

Anger is a thick heavy fog that prevents you from seeing clearly. And, of course, you must see clearly if you are to advance. All of your other efforts, action steps and mindsets will support your mission to burn through the fog of anger.

Therefore, it’s essential you don’t underestimate their value and importance. As they are the foundations you will build on to eliminate the self-defeating negativity of anger.

That realization is without a doubt the single most important element contributing to surviving your affair.

affair survival resources
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