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What’s the best way to go about healing from your affair? How do you leave all the negative emotions behind? How do you rid yourself of the nightmare images of your partner’s infideilty? How can you possibly begin  AFFAIR SURVIVAL HEALING?

How can you fight those images? The ones that play endlessly in your head. Making each day agony. And each night a battle for sleep.

Naturally, and honestly, there is no one magic pill to cure these ailments. No ONE best way. However there is one mindset you must adopt before solutions to the preceding aggravations can be found.

This is a concious action you must take before healing can begin. When I tell you what it is – your first reaction will be that it’s trite, simplistic, and, moreover, impossible. But, Honestly, it’s the first step you must take on the road to AFFAIR SURVIVAL HEALING.

HERE IT IS : The first giant step to healing is – HEAL YOURSELF!  But how? – you rightfully ask. “I’m in pain. I’ve been betrayed. I’m filled with anger and resentment. My life has been devastated. I NEED HELP! How can I possibly ‘Heal Myself”???”

Before Doctors can begin healing anyone, they must take the Hippocratic oath. A major part of which is : “Physician, heal thyself.” It is in that spirit that you must proceed. Alone. Taking the first “baby steps” to recovery.

Then you will have told the World : “I’m taking responsibility for my life, my actions, my thoughts. I’ve left the self-doubt, the resentment, the frustration in the past. Where they belong. I’ve let go of the anger.” This opens the door to AFFAIR SURVIVAL HEALING.

At that point the World will acknowledge you have chosen to be a survivor – not a victim. Then the World will recognize, applaud, and be willing to aid your effort.

But it is you who must take the first step on the road to healing from your affair. You who must become your own best champion. You who must “go for the gold.” You how must begin the process of AFFAIR SURVIVAL HEALING.

One of the best ways to begin “Healing Yourself” is to keep a journal. Confide in it daily. And honestly. As you would a good friend. Detail everything. Your moods, thoughts, doubts, anger, hopes and dreams for the future.

As time passes, you will develop a very real and empowering objectivity about what you were thinking and feeling days and weeks past. You’ll see clearly your negative, self-defeating thoughts and patterns.

Acknowledging them will enable you to leave them behind. And go confidently forward “Healing Yourself.



affair survival resources
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