Healing Your Relationship

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Once you have conciously begun the process of healing yourself, you can also, if it’s important to you, begin healing your relationship

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There are only three essential ingredients: Forgiveness. Understanding. And transparency. A simple recipie. But definitely not an easy one. Especially forgiveness.

It takes a big heart, and an even bigger love, to get past the pain, the devastation and the bruised trust. But if the relationship is important to you, and if you can begin to forgive, the next step – understanding, will be that much easier.

It’s important for you to know and understand the exact reason your partner cheated. This, obviously, will give you greater insight into what they’re feeling now, and what what their thoughts and hopes are now for your relationship.

But moving forward to achieve transparency will take more than just understanding. It will require high quality, static-free communication. The totally honest-direct-no-holds-barred variety.But, of course, in an atmosphere of respectful constructive progress. Not exchanging salvos of recrimination, blame and guilt.

This “transparent communication” will require you both to express vulnerable feelings and be specific on your wants, needs and hopes. This is an essential course of action. Vital to building a new and improved relationship foundation

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