Communicate To Save Your Marriage

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Although it does go without saying that communication is the first essential in a successful relationship, I AM saying it because it’s so important.

Also, there are nuances to the relationship interchange that are’nt, in many cases, self evident. Plus they are, or can be, very subtle. Depending on the situation. Yet still very powerful. Powerful enough to completely garble the message received.

Herein, the primary dilemma. How to make your partner understand exactly what you mean. With no ifs, ands, buts, mis-understanding/mis-comprehension. In short – how to avoid “communication static”

The answer lies in understanding, accepting, and putting into action two realities:

1. You need to be on the same page.

This means agreeing on precisely what the words mean that you’ll be using to communicate. If she says “apple” and he hears “orange” it’s time to sit down and re-define your terms.

2. Silent Communication.

Often, it’s non-verbal communication that sends the most powerful messages. The sudden turn of a head. A distasteful expression. Rolling of the eyes. A soft smile of understanding.

Being aware of the power of non-verbal communication will help you refine and, hopefully, improve the exchange of those signals that precede or replace the verbal messages.

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affair survival resources
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