Marriage Affair Survival

affair survival resources


Can your marriage survive an affair? At first glance it seems like a difficult question to answer, does it not? But the reality is exactly the opposite. Of course your marriage can survive adultery – IF YOU WANT IT TO!

We all know it won’t be a walk in the park. That’s not news. What will be news to many, is the “hidden difficulty.” That is – ¬†being so overwhelmed and disoriented by the cheating and it’s repercussions – that you think you don’t want to save the marriage.

This is a classic example of NOT thinking. Because obviously it’s your anger talking. Not your heart. Yes, your heart has been wounded by your partner’s cheating, but but not decimated.

If you truly feel(to use my mother’s favorite phrase) “in your heart of hearts” that despite the pain and the agony you’re going through, that this is the love of your life – why would you throw away your life?

Don’t let your anger and resentment lead you ¬†down the path of righteous rage. That’s a dead end.

Instead, take the high road. The road back to love. Banish the negative thoughts and emotions. Concentrate on everything positive that you’ve shared. Consider all that you still can share.

And you don’t have to do it alone. Free professional guidance is available HERE.

affair survival resources
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