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Perhaps more frustrating than a marriage that isn’t working, and/or has been rocked by an affair – is the situation where only one partner is committed to saving the marriage.

Regardless of the reason for dis-interest on the part of your spouse – Whether it’s depression, confusion, fatigue, or something neither of you may be able to put your finger on, nothing can be more dis-heartening for the partner who wants to SAVE THE MARRIAGE.

Obviously, you can’t force your partner to participate in rebuilding your marriage. In fact, attempting that is the surest way to widen the gap between you.

You should also accept the possibility that your spouse has given up hope for salvaging the relationship. That, coupled with a lack of communication, or worse yet, garbled communication, could be another factor in your partner’s behaviour. It could be that TODAY it’s up to you to SAVE YOUR MARRIAGE.

Clearly, if one partner isn’t committed, saving a marriage in crisis would seem to be an impossible task. But, as the old saying advises :”Difficult we can do. Impossible takes a little longer.”

So, if you are the partner who is truly committed to saving the marriage, it’s up to you to “do the impossible” It’s up to you to create the conditions necessary to reach and truly engage your partner.

Here are three proven methods for creating those conditions that will help SAVE YOUR MARRIAGE TODAY:


While you may be saying/thinking “I’m already giving everything I’ve got!…How can I give more?” You, and we all, have inner reserves of strength, greater than can be imagined.

For instance, recall the many stories of fathers lifting the back of a
car, to free their trapped child. An enormous example of “inner reserve strength.” Unbelieveable. But true.

Like that distressed Father, you too have “inner reserve strength.” The emotional kind. And you must summon all of it to go forward with renewing your relationship.


Married couples tend to forget the specific need for friendship, assuming that “love” automatically means you’re “Best Friends.” But with the passing years, are too often that friendship wanes.

Bring that “friendship power” back by examining, and if necessary changing the way you talk to your spouse. If you use a supportive rather than an adversarial tone, a “comfort zone” will be created. Making your partner more likely to feel valued. Thus, increasing the communication between you.


An essential element in saving your marriage, is “saving you.” You can’t “give your all” if there’s nothing left to give. You need to put some time aside to recharge the batteries of your “inner reserve strength.” If you heed this advice you ‘ll be taking the first important steps to SAVE YOUR MARRIAGE TODAY.


It’s trite. It’s corny. But it’s true. “Where there’s a will – there’s a way.”
If you have the will, this free professional guidancee can help.


affair survival resources

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